A few times a year Kirsi will take on new commissions, working in her current style and colour palette.

How the commission process works

There will be a 50% deposit upfront for all commission clients. Kirsi will make a sketch for you to decide on composition and color scheme and you are welcome to reference any previous work of Kirsi Hallberg.

Remember, no two pieces are alike and for every commission, you are receiving a one-of-a-kind Kirsi Hallberg piece.

Creative process
If it's a portrait we need 2-3 good quality images, light and composition. Portraits that doesn't show teeth tends to be more appealing, because then the focus is more on the eyes, which is great!

Photos of the work in progress will be provided via email or studio visit(s).

You can expect a 8-12 week delivery time. 

Pricing for a few typical sizes

30x40 cm = 7 500 SEK
50x70 cm = 9 500 SEK
60x80 cm = 12 500 SEK
80x100 cm = 14 500 SEK
100x120 cm = 16 500 SEK
120x150 cm = 20 500 SEK

Kirsi has a minimum size requirement of 30x40 cm.

Please note, Kirsi can not guarantee everyone a commission.


Please fill out a commission application below if you are interested in a commission piece.

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