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Feeling grounded and how I do it

To be grounded for me is feeling stable, in contact with my thoughts, feeling present. And when I'm grounded I also tend to create my best art. If I'm being totally present when creating it's like a meditation practice for me. Time and space just disappears. 

But sometimes it's hard, with all of what's going on and all the distractions that we have around us And for me it's something I need to work on daily and when I do, I feel a big difference. Calmer and more balanced and I get more confident when painting. 

Here are my favorite ways for grounding myself:

  • Long walks in the forest with our dog Wille. Here my thoughts and senses get to rest and get the space they need. My mind gets quiet and clear and I can hear myself. My painting "Grounded" was painted with my long walks in the woods in mind. I and Wille often take a break on our walks and just sit there side by side, staring and letting the thoughts wander freely. 


  • Mindfulness: I've practiced yoga, meditation and mindfulness on and off for a couple of years now. And recently I felt I needed a restart and signed up for a 40-day mindfulness practice (Mindful basics) online that is just awesome with the amazing Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. Just 10 minutes everyday, and best of all it's freeSo go check it out.

How do you ground your self?

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