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My first blog post! :)

Writing my first blog post ever!  Actually, never thought I would start a blog. Words do not always come easy for me, I’m more of a visual person. Guess that is why I love to paint and draw. 😊

So why start a blog? Well I have just started my career as a full-time artist (sooo exciting 😊😊😊) and I wanted to share that story and let you guys on my journey. And I also wanted a forum to share more about me and my work, the process, the thoughts behind my artwork.

But maybe most importantly to share what I learn a long the way, both practically about the art world but also about the inner world. With the inner world I mean how to overcome thoughts that limit us; like fear, perfectionism and doubt, things that I struggle with constantly but have gotten so much better handling.  

Who am I then? Well my name is Kirsi and I’m 45 years old (OMG, how did that happen?) and live with my family in a suburb outside of Stockholm, Sweden. I met my husband 21 years ago at a midsummers party and he is the love of my life, my soulmate. We married 18 years ago and have to 2 lovely, beautiful children, a daughter who turns 16 in a couple of weeks and a 13-year-old son. And not to forget our beloved dog Wille, a 5-year-old Welsh Springer Spaniel.


I was born in Finland , but we moved to Sweden when I was  just under a year old. So besides Swedish and English I also speak Finnish fluently. Heippa! Kiva kun löysit tiesi sivuilleni! 😊

I have always loved to draw and paint, and I have it from my mother. And she on her hand has it from her father, my grandfather, who I sadly never met. But have been told that he was a creative soul as well. Growing up as an only child I had a lot of time by my self and loved sitting in my room for hours just drawing. And I still do. 😊

I studied art in high school, but after that I created more sporadically. My focus turned on my family and career. And I have tried a lot of different careers. It was like I was searching for something and always felt like there were something missing career wise. I have worked as a sales rep, sales manager, owned an interior boutique and as a real estate agent.

But something happened about 5 years ago, that changed everything. I got sick, nothing serious, but enough to realize that life is short, and you (probably) only get one shot at it - life I mean. I was on a sick leave for a couple of months and had a lot of time to think about what I what I would love to do more of. I already knew the answer: I wanted to paint, do draw, to create. But I was terrified. I hadn’t created for years and knew that whatever I would attempt it wouldn’t be great.

But then one day a colleague of mine told me about a creative workshop she had attended. She told me it was an expressive workshop without any pressure of performing more than just creating from your heart. It sounded great!

I attended and something just clicked! It all fell in to place. 

And since that day I have created. And fast forward 5 years – here I am starting my career as a full-time artist!

So welcome to join me on my journey!

Can’t wait to see where I will be in 5 months, or in five 5 years!  


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