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Rise like a Phoenix

Details: 90X110 cm original oil and charcoal painting on premium gallery-wrapped canvas. Arrives ready to hang, accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity. 

"Rise like a Phoenix" - The balance between the rough and fragile in this painting is delicate. Exactly the way it can feel when you rise again after a tougher period in life. Stronger absolutely, but at the same time with newly healed wounds. This painting is all about finding the courage to rise again despite the wounds. 🧡

It's painted with charcoal and oil, my two favorite mediums. I love the detail in this painting, where the charcoal has come in contact with water, and you get that dripping effect. And when the first layer of charcoal and water has dried and has been fixated, I add layers of transparent oil which allow the charcoal to shine through. Love, love, love this combo! 

SHIPPING: Shipping is not included.  Any additional shipping costs or credits will be calculated based on distance and package dimensions and will be invoiced or refunded after the sale.

Please allow 3-10 workdays for Kirsi to prepare the painting for delivery.

PRICE: 10 000 SEK

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